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Round Two Master List

Round Two is now over! Thank you to all participating artists and writers for the wonderful fanworks! :)

If posted on Ao3 and you have not yet done so, we'd love it if you would add your work to our Round Two Collection. Here's a handy link!

Anyway, here's the Master List of all the fic and art for this round.

1. Fic title: It Always Leads Me Here (Leads Me To Your Door)
Author name: maidenstar
Artist name: caputell
Pairing: Fitz/Simmons, Skye/Trip, Simmons&May, Simmons&Skye, Fitz&May, Fitz&Trip
Rating: T
Word count: 30K
Warnings: Non-graphic scenes of war violence, non-graphic descriptions of war injuries, memory loss
Summary: The time, she soon found, passed by like winter mud; thick, heavy, and cold, filling up her boots as she tried to wade through each day, sinking deeper with every footstep.” WWI AU and sequel to ‘A Short Goodbye’. As the day dawns for Fitz to arrive home on leave, Simmons is instead delivered a letter telling her that her best friend has been killed in action. Devastated but determined not to be beaten, she joins numerous other women in becoming a volunteer nurse, a decision that heralds the chance at a new life; adventure, new friendships, fresh horizons, and, at the end of the war, a shocking discovery about what really happened to her best friend…

Link to art



The Glow Cloud, the Dog Park and the Scientist With Perfect Hair
Author: Pizza-is-my-buziness
Artist: Ironbunneh
Pairing: Skimmons
Rating: T

“In other Glow Cloud related news, I once again spoke with Dr. Jemma Simmons. Perfect Jemma.” Skye smiles at the memory of their brief conversation. “Neither she, nor any of the scientists seem to know why the Glow Cloud is raining animals. So bring an umbrella tomorrow, Night Vale. You’re going to need it.”

Fic here!
Art here!


3. Title: Of Falling Rain and Beating Hearts
Author: amandajoyce118
Artist: macpye
Pairing: Fitz/Simmons
Rating: T
Word count: 10, 268
Warnings: None.

Summary: Following the events of season one, Fitz is frustrated with his slow progress and Simmons is frustrated that he's pulling away. Eventually, it all boils over.

Link to fic: @AO3 or @FFN
Link to art: @AO3


4. Title: were we the belly of the beast or the sword that fell (we’ll never tell)
Author: madasthesea
Artist: ellahitzgerald
Pairing: Fitz/Simmons
Rating: T
Word count: 10, 066
Warnings: Blood, violence

Summary: ”To be someone’s partner meant to trust each other completely. To be able to predict the other’s move and act accordingly. To protect them at all costs. To be their shield.”

If Jemma had known at their first meeting what her new partner Leopold Fitz would mean to her, she probably wouldn’t have been so inclined to reach for her gun. A Fitzsimmons Special Operatives AU.

Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: tumblr


5. Fic title: Off the Leash
Author name: Matarreyes
Artist name:
Pairing: Skyeward
Word count: 16000

Summary: Ward was last seen by the team being led away by the military. When Skye unexpectedly runs into him on a SHIELD mission, she learns that Colonel Talbot had been loath to waste the specialist' talents and is putting his skillset to a good use. Skye is forced to become Ward´s mission control as Talbot and Coulson decide to work together, and is quick to realise that Ward's sweet parole deal is much darker than he lets everybody know.

Link to fic: Fic
Link to art: Art


6. Fic title: my fairest wheels are turning
Author name: quibbler
Artist name: littlestitchwitch
Pairing: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons
Rating: T
Word count: 30k
Warnings: Mentions of self-harm, suicide, and sexual content.

Summary: Jemma Simmons was born special, with an ability for manipulating her surroundings and her own biology. Leo Fitz acquires his talents from books and invented his own way of creating illusions with the help of technology. What happens when two schools of thought are pitted against each other? A competition is set up for two young magicians long before they came into existence to showcase their skills, and before they even meet, their two fates become intricately and inexplicably intertwined. When they finally realise that there are too many other fates at risk, it is too late for them to turn back. [The Night Circus AU]

Link to fic: here
Link to art: here


7. Fic title: No Control
Author name: sarcasticghoul
Artist name: gingermutantfreak
Pairing: Skimmons
Rating: T
Word count: 30,129
Warnings: Mildish depictions of violence and torture in a later chapter.

Summary: When two criminals, who bear a striking resemblance to Jemma and Skye, are captured by Tony Stark, Coulson takes the opportunity to find out if rumors of corruption, experimentation, and torture are true in a high security prison by putting Jemma and Skye undercover and on the front lines.

Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: Tumblr


8. Fic title: Applied Quantum Superluminal Communication
Author name: thecousinsdangereux
Artist name: smallandsundry
Pairing: Skye/Simmons
Rating: Light M
Word count: 15,335

Summary: It’s impossible. It breaks the laws of physics. It’s superluminal communication via quantum entanglement and (you would like to be perfectly clear about this) it is impossible. But Skye’s voice is in your head and she’s telling you to call it a brain meld, Simmons, that’s way cooler, and you’re starting to feel as though perhaps you ought to set all your university physics books on fire. Because apparently, nothing in them applies to 0-8-4s… such as the woman you’re suddenly sharing thoughts (and occasionally inappropriate dreams) with.

Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: Tumblr


9. Fic title: Force Majeure
Author name: colonelpancake04
Artist name: sarcasticghoul and tabzy18
Pairing: Jemma Simmons/Skye
Rating: R
Word count: 18,000
Warnings: Sexy scenes and tornados

Summary: noun. A superior or irresistible force that cannot be anticipated or controlled. An act of God. When a pair of foreign scientists are added to Skye's stormchasing team last minute, she believes their chase season is already in ruins. However, first impressions are not always what they seem.

Link to fic: FF.net
Link to vid: YouTube


10. Fic title: Who Thought Budapest Was A Good Idea Anyway?
Author name: telaryn
Artist name: cobalt_siren
Pairing: (if applicable) Clint/Natasha, hints of Simmons/Tripplett
Rating: R
Word count: (if you choose) ~15K
Warnings: Sexy times between Clint and Natasha and a certain hacker is captured and almost interrogated.

Summary: In the chaos following the fall of SHIELD, HYDRA makes a move to bring Clint Barton in from the field - believing he can help them crack the secrets of an Infinity Gem. At the same time, newly-appointed SHIELD Director Coulson is attempting to consolidate his available resources. Priority one is bringing his two best assets in and briefing them on his status before they find out from somebody else.

When he learns of Clint's situation, Phil takes his team down into Barton and Romanoff's past, to a city none of them thought they'd see again.

Link to fic: On A03
Link to art: On Tumblr


11. Fic title: Like a Dying Star
Author name: plinys
Artist name: auntiedragon
Pairing: Jemma Simmons/Skye
Rating: T
Word count: ~ 15k
Warnings: Non-Fatal Car Crash
Summary: The 084 is known throughout the galaxy as a weapon of mass destruction, but when she happens to crash land on earth and get picked up by a scientist, known as Jemma Simmons, she learns that there is more to life than just being a living weapon.
Link to fic: Ao3
Link to art: Ao3


12. Fic title: Riddles
Author name: ms_barcode
Artist name: andlatitude
Pairing: Gen, OT7, Everyone/Everyone. Mentions of past Skyeward
Rating: T
Word count: 26, 484
Warnings: Mentions of past abuse

Summary: Immediately following the events of little SHIELD's victory over John Garrett, the question is asked: broken, confused, and struggling to find their niche in a new world, what does the team do when their safe haven is sent a package that just so happens to be the man who betrayed them?

Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: Tumblr


13. Title: All Is Not Lost
Author: rivulet027
Artist sealcat
Genre: Gen, Action/Adventure, Angst
Pairing (s): Victoria Hand/Anne Weaver (minor background), Phil Coulson/Clint Barton (minor background), past Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers (hinted at)
Rating: R
Word Count: 15684
Warnings: past torture, past abuse, past child abuse, anesmia
Summary: When SHIELD falls, Leo Fitz finds himself captured by HYDRA and thrown in a cell with a man calling himself Bucky Barnes. Now Fitz must survive long enough to get back to his team and the key might be trusting this man.
A/N: A huge thank you to Angel Negra. Without you this fic would never have been written. She encourage, read the first draft of the first chapter and pushed me to slow it down. She linked me to this big bang twice. Then she gave the entire fic an amazingly quick beta. Thank you. Also a huge thank you to M14Mouse for the encouragement.

Fic: Ao3
Art: Ao3


14. Fic title: The Girl from the Bus
Author name: evening spirit
Artist name: marieincolour
Characters: Grant Ward, Melinda May, Antoine Triplett, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Skye, Phil Coulson, Maria Hill (Grant Ward / Team)
Genre: Friendship and Family
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~19k
Warnings: references to anxiety disorder and panic attacks

Summary: Something happened to Grant Ward fifteen years ago. Something that left him damaged. Music helped him survive and it still does but is surviving enough? Grant wants to live, but he isn't sure he remembers how. He doesn't know if he has what it takes to truly be alive. A chamber music AU, Ward centric.

Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: Tumblr


15. Title: In times of trouble
Author: Signe_chan
Pairing (s): Clint/Coulson
Rating: Teen and up
Word Count: 14613
Warnings: None

Summary: Clint finds out that Phil has been left to care for his niece and nephew and decides to lend a hand. It doesn’t go as smoothly as Clint might have liked.