ms_barcode (ms_barcode) wrote in aos_bigbang,

Sep. 10th, 2015

Fic title: Make It Official
Author name: ms_barcode
Artist name: andlatitude
Pairing: Leo Fitz/Grant Ward
Rating: T
Word count: 42, 332
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Leo Fitz has a problem. He's been so busy lately, and he just had no time to file the paperwork for his work visa. He never intended for it to bite him in the ass with threats of deportation! Luckily, his assistant, Grant Ward, is ready, and with some coddling, willing, to fill the role of his American fiance. All they need to do is get through one little interview with a federal officer. And survive a weekend in Massachusetts with Grant's family. What could go wrong? [The Proposal AU]

Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: Tumblr
Tags: round three
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