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What is a Big Bang challenge?
A Big Bang challenge is a collaboration between authors and artists. Authors write a long story (10,000 word minimum) and based on the summaries and artists will claim your story and produce art to accompany it.

Can I post a story without art/art without a story?
No, the challenge is designed to be a partnership. All posted works must have both a story and art.

Can I make my own art to go with my story?
The fun of a Big Bang challenge is meeting and working with new people. Therefore all works must have a separate author and artist. You never know - you might make a new friend.

Can I use a story I have already started writing?
Yes, but only if it hasn't been posted elsewhere. Stories that have been posted either fully or partially already will not be eligible for this challenge. If you have a completed or partially completed story on your computer that has not been posted anywhere yet you are welcome to use that for this challenge.

You can also write a sequel to an existing story but, again, the sequel cannot have been posted anywhere prior to this challenge.

Can my story be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) or in the comics (616) universe?
Since this is a challenge based around ABC's Marvel's Agents of SHIELD that needs to be the basis of your story. Whether you make it an alternate universe (AU), have flashbacks to MCU/616 events or introduce characters from those universes is up to you but it must have a primary basis around the TV show. That's what we're all here for after all.

Can I submit more than one story for this challenge?
No, it is one story per person.

Can I sign up with a friend I want to co-write a story with?
Yes, that's fine, but if you do this you cannot also submit an individual story. The collaborative effort counts as the one entry for both of you. We do not currently permit writer-artist collaborative signups.

Can I write a crossover?
Absolutely! Again the primary focus of the story must be the characters from the Agents of SHIELD show but crossovers are definitely permitted.

Any rules on pairings/ratings etc?
Not at all. The world is your oyster. Just be sure to mention your pairings/ratings and any warnings in your fic header when you submit your draft so the artists know what they are getting when it comes to claims.

How does the art claims process work?
When the authors submit their draft they will be asked to provide a summary, rating and any warnings for their fic. This information will be compiled into one post which will be made available for artists to browse and they will choose which story they want to produce art for based on this information. Everyone will get an artist so authors shouldn't fret if yours isn't the first to be claimed.

Can artists claim more than one fic?
Initially no. When second round art claims open up, artists may claim a second fic, but you must be able to prove that you've completed your art for your initial claim before doing so. You can also sign up to be a pinch hitter, and if any artists drop out of the challenge after they've claimed a fic, you will have the option to create art for that fic

What kind of art is allowed?
It's entirely up to you and your author to decide upon. It can be drawn art, photo manipulation, video, fanmix (minimum of 8 tracks and with accompanying cover art) or a mixture. While there is no minimum requirement for art, 15k is a lot of words, so we want the art to reflect the same amount of effort the authors have put in.

Can I sign up as both an author and an artist?
Initially no. You must choose one or the other. However, once the initial art claims have been done if we have any unclaimed stories left we will open it up for authors. The only thing we will stipulate is that if this situation occurs you cannot claim your own story.

Can the stories be posted to AO3 or somewhere off Livejournal?
In order to keep everything in one place, a master-post with links to the fic and art must be made to the LJ community. However, if you wish to host off LJ and just link to it in the master-post, that is fine. We have an AO3 Collection set up, and ask that participants who post their stories on AO3 add their fic to the subcollection corresponding to the round they are participating in. (Example: The Round One collection.)

Are there any penalties for dropping out of the challenge?
We understand that sometimes things happen that will prevent you from completing a challenge. For authors, the final deadline for dropping out without penalty, is the day before artist claims go up. Authors who drop out after being claimed by an artist will not be permitted to participate next round. Artists who drop out after they have claimed a fic will not be permitted to participate next round. In this instance, we will ask for pinch hitters.

Updated: May 26, 2014